Plans4Less Teams Up with Agave

New Partnership Allows Procore Customers to Import and Print from within Plans4Less Accounts

New York, NY (Issued June 21, 2022) – Plans4Less, the Contech industry leader in providing a fast, easy and economical platform for ordering and delivering plans anywhere in the U.S., today announced a strategic partnership with Agave, the unified API provider for the construction industry.

The partnership with Agave allows Plans4Less customers to import and print plans from their Procore accounts from within their Plans4Less accounts. Agave provides access for Plans4Less customers to their Procore files. They then use the custom-designed ‘Agave File Picker’ to choose only those files or disciplines they would like to have printed and delivered by Plans4Less.

Brian Burke, founder of Plans4Less ( with over 25 years of experience in reprographics, describes this as “a real game-changer” for his Procore customers. Burke says, “Prior to using Agave to integrate with Procore, our customers would either have to jump back and forth between Procore and Plans4Less or ask to have Plans4Less added to the Procore job directory. “Either way we were asking the customer to do additional work.” 

He adds, “Our job is to assist our customers to increase their workflow process and  reduce any pre-construction/bidding friction. We certainly did not want to be adding  extra steps when they simply need to access blueprints.”

Now, with the Agave API, Plans4Less/Procore users can order plans without missing a beat. Burke says, “While clients are in their Plans4Less accounts, they can click on the Procore icon, enter their login info, and sign in to access and choose (via the file picker) which Procore project plans to print and ship.”

Burke explains, , “If I put myself in the shoes of the GC or sub, I would want a blueprint company that’s  easy to use, fast,  accurate/reliable/experienced and  priced at a competitive fixed rate. In theory that sounds easy, but in practice it is incredibly hard. Clients report that the sooner teams can make changes, review and complete RFP’s, create quotes, and submit bids, the more contracts they can secure.”      

Agave ( ) is a leader in the integration of project management, financial and bidding platforms to enable developers to harness the entire range of available data. Plans4Less is the leader in providing a seamless software platform for ordering and shipping hard copy, large format blueprints anywhere in the U.S.  

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By Stan Hurwitz /