teams with Procore to deliver plans when and where they’re needed – 21st century technology at 1980 prices

Cutting-edge construction document management & printing service helps project managers move faster and more economically from bidding phase to project planning and management phases

(Issued Spring 2017)  — People of a certain age will recall how everyone said that computers will make paper obsolete. Remember?

Not so fast. Notably, in construction, architecture, engineering and related fields, there are times when having plans on paper makes it easier for the project management team to see at a glance both the big picture and granular details in relation to the full project scheme.

Brian Burke, visionary founder of, says “While tablets and other devices are fantastic in many situations, many industry professionals prefer to view schematics and read text on sharp, crisp printed plans. We offer exactly what they need – faster, smarter and cheaper.”

The industry is abuzz: Case studies show that is one of the best ways to print construction documents from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to anywhere in the United States within one business day. And now that ( has teamed with Procore ( software, users have the advantage of printing and delivering construction documents on-demand using a seamlessly integrated app.  The added bonus: The cost is about one-third of what most conventional reprographics printers charge for full-  and half-size plans.

With its national network, prints any full-sized (36” x 48”) black and white plans for a flat rate of $1 per sheet — any quantity — and delivers them to any location in the U. S. by the next business day. Half-size B & W plans are 50 cents per sheet. Full color plans are also available with the same service at the lowest prices available.

Procore is the developer of advanced construction management software that creates solutions to streamline complex processes, create frictionless business operations, and manage the entire lifecycle of construction.

GCs and subcontractors can easily get their construction documents printed and delivered right from their Procore dashboard when using the app –available as their ‘print plans’ option.  

Burke says, “Service integration innovations like the Procore/ combination keep construction technology on the cutting edge. It’s only natural for Procore customers to want ease of use for an integrated construction document printing service as they move from their bidding phase into the project planning and

management phases of the projects they win.  Together, we’re enhancing users’ experience, offering the lowest cost, most efficient printing distribution system yet conceived.”

Rob McKinney, the ConAppGuru, and construction tech leader James Benham, Founder /CEO of JBKnowledge, the creators of SmartBid, described how  clients benefit with integration: “Our users still use lots of paper and need hundreds of prints. We have customers using the product, saving money, and getting better service.”

FCI Constructors, Inc., of Colorado Springs, has been using with tremendous success. Upon opening his email one day, Will Kiser, FCI Project Engineer, got a message from one of his firm’s offices instructing everyone in the company to use Plans4Less to save money on printing plans.He emailed Burke: “You keep delivering crisp, quality plans, even the big 36 x 48’s for a dollar a print.Then you get the plans on time to exactly where my guys need them at our various sites. Even the shipping costs are low. You guys get an A+ for overall value, and I’ll even throw in a gold star for your can-do attitude!”

Burke says, “We continue to look for innovative ways to make the printing experience easier and more rewarding for enterprise software clients in the construction industry and beyond.” He notes that is the first and only print company to be in the Procore App Marketplace, and will be integrated into their software by the Fall. For more info, interviews, etc., contact: Brian Burke  /   /  (203) 592-5714 / By Stanley Hurwitz /