Launches Enterprise Plan for Multi-Office GC’s and Subcontractors

FREE Enterprise-wide UPS Ground shipping on all blueprint orders

Prospect, CT (Issued February 2022) – Ask general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers about the most important materials used in their construction projects and they will list steel, masonry, concrete, stone and wood.

But ask Brian Burke, founder and President of, and he’ll say the key material is paper.

Plans4Less ( ) is a pioneer and industry leader providing a seamless software platform for ordering and shipping hard copy, large format blueprints and plans, same day or overnight anywhere in the U.S. Its proprietary software technology is used by a full range of construction industry professionals who appreciate’s platform for its speed, ease of use, reliability and savings. The client list reads like a Who’s Who in the construction industry.

In December, 2020, the company launched its Plans4Less Prime subscription membership

plan with free UPS Ground shipping and low fixed-rate pricing. This month, as an encore, Burke has  introduced Plans4Less Enterprise, designed for medium-size and larger general contractors with a number of locations in a single state or in a multi-state format.

Burke says, “The new Enterprise product remedies the complexities and resource commitments that multi-office GC’s and subs face in ordering and delivering plans for the entire enterprise in a quick and easy manner. Among the advantages: Increased workflow efficiencies; quick bid turnaround; increased revenue potential; reduced rework; free UPS Ground Shipping on all blueprints orders; and B & W and color plans both priced at the same low fixed rate. We put accurate, timely physical plans and schematics at your fingertips, at the client’s offices, jobsite and home, literally keeping everyone on the same page, eliminating costly errors. Quick turnaround helps to win bids.”

“The general contractors pain point is the complexity and time demands of ordering and delivering plans on an enterprise basis. Plans4Less Enterprise is the solution. “We provide speed and ease,” says Burke. “One of our large GC customers said recently, ‘I don’t want to deal with multiple vendors or websites!’” 

“Speed, ease and accuracy are key,” says Burke with 30 years’ experience in the reprographics

business. “Our veteran reprographics team provides an extra layer of quality control.” Plans4Less 

Enterprise’s added value comes from the customized dashboard developed for each client. The dashboard is then shared to all interested users and allows the enterprise to avoid complications of ordering  

plans like going to a website to register, then entering a credit card for each transaction. It also avoids  unwanted emails.

“The Plans4Less Enterprise provides the user with a customized blueprint order solution,” says Burke. “It’s as simple as a drag and drop for the enterprise client.” Files can be uploaded to  

 For more info, contact Brian Burke,  / (855) 752-6745 /1-855-PLANS-4-L  / Twitter:  @plans4less      


Advantages of Plans4Less Enterprise

1. Same pricing for every office

2. Desktop ordering and file transfer link for files

3. Color same price as B & W plans

4. Free Prime Membership- FREE UPS Ground Shipping

5. Net 30 Days open account terms

6. One-stop shopping with Plans4Less-Enterprise.

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By Stan Hurwitz /