21st Century Technology at 1980 Prices

Industry’s Fastest Turnaround (< 24 hours) and Lowest Prices ($1 per Page!) 

(Issued Spring 2016) – Doing business with Brian Burke is like turning the clock ahead and back at the same time.

His business helps customers save time and money – and even capture additional business – combining cutting-edge 21st century technology with cut-rate prices.  Burke’s novel concept,, offers distinct advantages to general contractors and subs, architects, construction firms and related industries:

  • Plans for $1 per page – a savings of about 70% over competitors’ fees (black and white, standard architectural and engineering sizes). Color pages are a bit more.
  • Same day or sooner turnaround — Large format plans delivered within 24 hours of receipt of digital files. His network of local print partners often makes possible same-day delivery. has already built a loyal following across the country among large and small companies alike. A few examples: 

  • When Bernice Bako, National Marketing Director for giant Turner Construction Co., —  $11 billion in annual revenues — needed printed small format color copies for a presentation, she called on Burke “who has never let us down.” She says, “We sent our digital files in the evening, Central Time, and we had the prints in-hand for a presentation at noon, an hour before the presentation. beats the local office of a national copy/print company on turnaround and price.  We saved 20% on the job. Brian is available, flexible and very fairly priced.”
  • Paul Dawson is an architect and Asset Manager for The Grossman Companies, Inc., a commercial real estate firm based near Boston with a three million square-foot portfolio. He’s been using since its founding. This past year, much of Paul’s work has focused on an apartment construction project. He says, “The quality of black and white and color prints is always excellent. A recent order for three 24” x 36” full color large format presentation graphics mounted on foam board arrived the next day, well packaged, in great condition. We appreciate Brian’s ‘can do’ attitude and personalized service. They have saved us many hundreds of dollars.”
  • Office Manager Sue at Steven C. Hayes’ architectural firm on Cape Cod, has used for two years. She says, “Where else can you get 24” x 36” prints for $1 per page, delivered the next day – sometimes the same day?!” She notes how costs add up on a project when you need 10 sets of 20 pages each. Subcontractors and town building departments require hard copies of every page. We email our PDF’s and delivery instructions, and within 24 hours, like magic, the package arrives as promised.”

“The faster architects, engineers, contractors and real estate people can turn digital project specification documents into large format prints, the sooner their team can review and complete RFP’s and submit their bids.  Every day we help our clients meet deadlines, enabling them to submit bids on time and win contracts.”   Large files can be easily uploaded to .  For more info,  contact  / (203) 592-5714.                     –  By Stanley Hurwitz /