A Collaborative Effort That’s ‘Taking Off’ in the Construction Industry

STACK Cloud-based Estimating Software A Perfect Partner for Plans4Less Printed Documents

 (Issued Spring 2018) — Two pioneering companies have joined forces to help building trades professionals integrate and streamline their estimating, bidding and document creation processes. 

The industry is abuzz about the new partnership between STACK Construction Technologies (https://www.stackct.com/) of Cincinnati, Ohio, provider of the industry’s leading cloud-based construction takeoff and estimating software, and Plans4Less.com  (https://plans4less.com/) of Prospect, Connecticut, the nation’s leading source for fixed-rate reprographics services

Plans4Less.com’s President Brian Burke says “This new powerhouse duo will deliver  essential, value-added services to mutual contractor customers that has not been previously available!”

‘Takeoff’ is industry jargon for an estimate of how much of any given material is needed to complete a job to project specifications — and how much it will cost.  Takeoff also gives project managers a ballpark estimate of what labor will cost to get the material installed and functioning properly – including anything from studs, light fixtures and loam to drywall, cable, roofing shingles, etc. 

STACK Construction Technologies founder and CEO Phillip Ogilby explains, “I know from personal experience that often times projects mature to a point where the detailed, full-size drawings or blueprints are necessary and helpful. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to delivering additional value and flexibility to contractors.”

STACK takeoff and estimating software streamlines the bid process for contractors of all sizes and empowers users to quickly and accurately measure digital plans, collaborate with team members, customize materials and pricing, and finalize project estimates. Now, with this exciting partnership, users who need printed copies of their project documents can send their digital plan files to Plans4Less.com who will deliver the full-size printed docs to the job site or the contractor’s office the very next day. 

Ogilby says, “Construction takeoffs can be time-consuming and are often inaccurate when completed manually. With STACK software, contractors can bid more work in less time without costly errors. Because 

it’s cloud-based, it also allows estimators to work on projects anytime, anywhere from Mac or PC.”  

Plans4Less.com, the leading source for fixed-rate reprographics services, has built a reputation for providing a revolutionary new tool for construction industry pros who use software/printing applications. Brian Burke says any designer, architect, engineer, construction manager or sub can order sets of full or half size plans right from his site at a surprisingly low cost. 

“We print your plans in black and white or full color and ship directly to your office and/or job site. We take the guesswork out of plan costs and delivery time, and customers appreciate our simple fixed rate and next-day delivery anywhere in the U.S. Nobody is faster and cheaper. Many customers have saved hundreds of dollars on construction projects. Any size black and white plans up to 36” x 48” are $1.00 each. Full size color plans range from $5.70 each for 24” x 36”, to 36” x 48” plans for $11.40 each.”

Burke adds, “The faster owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and subs can turn digital project specification documents into large format prints, the sooner their team can make changes, review and complete RFP’s, create quotes, and submit bids.  This new partnership helps our clients meet deadlines, enabling them to submit and win more bids.”  

Contractors can give STACK software a try for free at www.stackct.com  and can upload files for print at  www.Plans4Less.com. Both platforms accept documents in industry standard file types (.tif, and .pdf)  

For more info about Plans4Less.com, contact brian@Plans4Less.com  / (855) 752-6745.   

For more info or to start a FREE trial of STACK, visit www.stackct.com  or call (844) 225-1122.

By Stan Hurwitz / stanhurwitz@gmail.com