Pioneering Large Format Document Subscription Plan Saves Big Bucks for Construction Industry

Plans4LessPrime Means Free Nationwide UPS Ground Shipping

Prospect, CT (Issued January 2021) — The company that pioneered same-day, low-cost delivery of large-format construction industry blueprints has unveiled another first: Plans4LessPrime.

Plans4Less (, the leader in providing a seamless software platform for ordering and shipping hard copy, large format blueprints anywhere in the U.S.  has introduced a first-in-market subscription membership program — Plans4LessPrime — that offers free UPS Ground Shipping on all print orders.

The annual subscription costs $95.00 . There’s no minimum order size and all shipping is free whether printing one or 1,000 blueprints. They can be shipped to the office, directly to the job site, or to the client’s home as more construction industry personnel are now working remotely.

Company Founder and President Brian Burke says, “Free shipping is a huge benefit to general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers.  The savings can really add up.” Over the past decade, Plans4Less built its reputation for saving clients money by offering any size black and white plans (up to 36” x 48”) for $1.00 each and full- size color plans as well. All print orders are shipped via UPS Ground Service free whether the job includes full-size black and white blueprints, half-sized color prints, spec books, construction site and safety signs or lean boards. Plans4Less ships to all 50 states, often as soon as same day.

Plans4Less’s software technology is used by general contractors, subcontractors, and engineers, architects, designers and specialty contractors. Customers use the frictionless software platform because of its speed, ease of use, reliability and savings.

Burke says, “This has been a trying time for everyone in the AEC ecosystem. As we adjust to this rapidly changing work environment, we realize now more than ever how each dollar counts. Plans4LessPrimeis a true added value; nobody else in this space is faster orcheaper.  Plans4Less has saved our clients hundreds of dollars on construction projects. The faster that owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and subs can turn digital project spec documents into large format prints, the sooner their team can make changes, review and complete RFP’s, create quotes, and submit bids.” To sum up why his clients use the Plans4Less software platform, Burke strongly believes “Clients use our platform because it is fast, very easy to use,  extremely accurate and reliable, and our fixed pricing saves them money.”

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For more info, contact Brian Burke,  / (855) 752-6745 /1-855-PLANS-4-L  / Twitter:  @plans4less                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Stan Hurwitz /